WEA Tentative Agreement Summary

WEA Agreement (updated 6/10/2020)

Salary Base Increase

  • 2020-2021 - 2.25%
  • 2021-2022 - 2.25%
  • 2022-2023 - 2.25%

Summer School Hourly Rate

  • An increase from $33 to $35

Tuition Reimbursement Contribution to the Board

  • Increase from $140,000/year to $160,000/year

Coverage of Classes in Absence of Substitute

  • An increase from $20/hour to $30/hour

Planning Time

  • At every level, planning time will be guaranteed (except for Nurses, Psychologists, Counselors, which is the current language) and during the student day. At the Elementary Level, the time will be equivalent to a Related Arts period and at the Secondary Level, the time will be equivalent to a class period. Preschool planning time is unchanged.

  • There will also be a guarantee that at least 2 days per week will not have meetings scheduled during the planning time.

  • The 300-minute provision for elective Middle School teachers is removed.

Health Insurance

  • Premiums - Member share increases from 14% to 15% for the family plan; Board will be 85%. The member share for the single plan remains at 14%.

  • Deductibles - increase from $1,500 single / $3,000 family to $1,750 single / $3,500 family

  • Emergency Room Copay - $250 (unless admitted) after the deductible has been met

Board Contribution to HSA

  • $1,000 single/$2,000 family for first year of employment

  • 2021 - $750/$1,500 (half guaranteed/half earned through wellness credits)

  • 2022 - $500/$1,000 (half guaranteed/half earned through wellness credits)

  • 2023 - $400/$800 (half guaranteed/half earned through wellness credits)



Premium Caps

  • Current - Member pays 100% of monthly premium average stated limits of $714/single and $1,927/family. Current 2020 premiums are $714/singe and $1,921/family.

  • 2021 - If premium increase is over 12% from the prior year, the employee pays 70% of overage over the limit and the Board pays 30%.

  • 2022 - If premium increase is over 8% from the prior year, the employee pays 70% of overage over the limit and the Board pays 30%.

  • 2023 - If premium increase is over 8% from the prior year, the employee pays 70% of overage over the limit and the Board pays 30%.


  • The time spent on TBT’s will be in recognition of an existing clause in the contract that references that each member will have 14 hours of teacher directed professional collaboration time. It is also recognized that this time is why we currently have two Professional Development Days on the calendar. TBT’s are to be created, directed, and conducted at the building level and focused on District and/or building goals.


  • There will be a 186th day added to the Contractual Year to be used as a District-Wide Professional Development Day on the November Election Day. PAC’s, which normally cannot be earned during the Contractual Day, can be earned on this day.

MTSS Teams

  • Each building will have a team.
  • Elementary - up to seven people at $550/year
  • Middle and High - up to five people at $550/year

Extended Contract Days for Nurses

  • High School - Increase from (1) to (5)
  • Other levels - Increase from (1) to (4)

Reduction-In-Force Language Changes

  • Elimination of section 14.4 (2) that allowed for members that were RIF’d to receive half of their salary if they do not become a Permanent Guest Teacher. Anyone who is RIF’d and becomes a PGT will receive one year’s Health Insurance costs covered by the Board.

Secondary Inclusion Classes

  • When inclusion classes are comprised of more than 40% of students on IEPs in the teacher’s identified content area the administration will meet with the teacher to strive to make the classroom assignment changes, discuss other options and/or develop schedules that would adhere with the 40% provision.

Class Size

  • The current language states that the process for placing students in classes shall be a collaboration between members and building administration. There is recognition that equity among members the number of special needs students that members have had in the past shall be an important consideration.

  • We have moved the review of student placement to occur before August 31st.

MOU in Support of Maintenance of Student Discipline

  • Board recognition of its responsibility to give reasonable support and assistance to maintain control and discipline

  • Compulsory follow-up with the member when disciplinary action is taken.

  • Compulsory follow-up with the member when no disciplinary action is taken with a way for members to voice their disagreement, if necessary.

  • In the event of a verbal threat of bodily harm or actual bodily harm, the member will be afforded input in the district response and shall be notified of any disciplinary actions.

  • Each building will use either the BLT or CPI team to discuss a plan for student behavior management, review discipline data, and make recommendations to create a positive school culture for students, staff, and families.

Licensure Renewal Procedure and Class Change Procedure

  • Clearer separation between License Renewal and Class Change

License Renewal

  • IPDP submitted to the supervisor and then to WPDC
  • Coursework - University 6 semester hours
  • Coursework - CEU’s - 18 CEU’s
  • Can consist of a combination of University credit and CEU’s
  • University Hours need from an Accredited University and for Graduate Credit
  • In-District CEU’s do not need WPDC approval
  • Out-of-District CEU’s need WPDC approval
  • CEU’s can be used for only license renewal, not class change

Class Change
For any Class Change after Masters these restrictions apply:

  • Must select from Ohio Public Institutions, private Ohio Institutions with a campus or a branch in Central Ohio.

  • Specialty Areas can ask to have coursework approved from institutions not on the list (Example - Wilson Training at Fitchburg State)

  • Must select from pre-approved coursework or specialty area PD from a list created in conjunction with WEA

  • All approved multi-year programs that are ongoing, having been initiated by members prior to June 30, 2020, will be applied to all degrees and credits to be used in class change advancement. Additionally, any “traditional” classes in which a Member enrolls prior to June 30, 2020, that are offered for/to be completed in the Summer term 2020 will be applied to all degrees and credits to be used in class change advancement. [“Traditional” classes do not include online, self-paced courses.]

  • PAC’s - PD outside of the contractual day; except for the new 186th day on Election Day in November. PAC’s will be granted during that contractual day

  • PAC’s - unlimited use for class change (current is (7) per class change) must be In-District PD or pre-approved Central Ohio public school district PD, or other public agency PD

  • PAC’s - Most Professional Activities (except for approved Workshops and Conventions) are no longer eligible for PAC’s

  • No longer need to have an IPDP for Class Change

Salary Schedule

  • BA+30 is deleted (current members at BA+15 have until December 31, 2020 to attain BA+30)

  • Any member currently at BA+30 will remain at that salary level until moving forward to MA. No one will lose any of their current salary over this change.

See Below for Unofficial Future Salary Schedules 

2019 20 Salary

2020 21 Salary 225

2021 22 Salary 225

2022 23 Salary 225 

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